About Rays of Sonshine

Rays of Sonshine is a Women's Addiction Recovery Residence specializing in quality, long-term residential care for women who suffer from substance and chemical dependency, who may also have co-occurring mental health disorders. ROS uses abstinence, evidence and holistic based treatment in a relaxed, intimate, home atmosphere. Women can bring their children, and pregnant women are also invited.


Lynn Daniel, RAC, CCS

Founder, Executive Director & Senior Pastor


Claire White, RAC, CCS

Assistant Director, Clinical Supervisor & Senior Pastor


Terra Taylor

Adult Education


Fairendo Slater

Permanent Housing Manager

A Message from Lynn

I am the founder, senior pastor, and executive director of Rays of Sonshine. I have been involved in ministry since 1973 and I have had countless opportunities to reach out to those suffering from addiction. In 1998, Rays of Sonshine began as a non-profit and our journey began. From the first male resident, to what is now a full-time licensed clinic and residential outreach, this journey is a gift. Since 1998, over 1100 women's lives have become productive, over 1000 children have been returned to their mothers, and over 30 babies have been born drug free! We have fostered hope into exceptional women who have taken back their lives and began to live their dreams!

Board Members

Paula Burgess

Tobie McKown

Bret Tannehill

John Wooldridge

Cindy Ingram

Eva Dyann Wilson


Dr. Amy Givler

Dr. Doug Cook

Sue Avery

Kim Golden

Cedric Banks

Tom Nicholson

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