Entry into Rays of Sonshine is by phone interview.

Call 318-323-0502 for an appointment.

Recovery Program Goals

  1. Ensure quality treatment and recovery support services are available, accessible, and affordable to all qualified ladies and women with children in need of services.
  2. Provide quality experiences within a culture of safety, support, and sense of belonging.
  3. Demonstrate integrity in all professional relationships.
  4. Continually reassess core processes of client care and staff team dynamics to strengthen retention in treatment.
  5. Improve referrals and linkages with community agencies, support groups, and healthy social networks to strengthen client focus and commitment to health and well-being.

About the Program

The ROS desired outcome is a foundational belief change, thus creating a paradigm shift of personal perception of life. This increases coping and perseverance skills; enabling an individual to grow in accountability... it also strengthens a participants capacity for self control and develops an ever expanding experience of healthy recovery.

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