Who can Apply to Rays of Sonshine?

Any woman over the age of 18 can apply for our intensive inpatient treatment program. We have 12 residential beds at our Ladies House, 12 total beds for women and their children, 7 transitional beds, and 8 apartments in our permanent housing. We are licensed by the Department of Health and Hospitals. We frequently obtain referrals from probation, drug court, hospitals, attorneys, churches and other agencies as well as from concerned family members.

All potential clients are interviewed on the phone to see if this program is appropriate for them. This interview, or prescreen, takes 20-30 minutes. During this interview, potential clients must agree to abide by specific program requirements — we do not allow smoking, cell phones, music devices or other electronics. We have also recently restricted sugar and caffeine consumption by clients. We also require clients to agree to remain in our program for a minimum of 6 months.

Rays of Sonshine cost an average of $84 - $135 per day (based in services) for each residential client. We take cash, third party insurance, and medicaid. We have some funds for the indigent.
As we are a local mission, we turn no qualified women away.

Entry into this program is by phone interview.
Call 318-323-0502 for an appointment.

The Treatment Program

Pre-admission Check List

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