The Ladies Residence

The ladies house is licensed by the Department of Health and Hospitals as a residential group home. It is handicap accessible and can accommodate 12 women and one staff member. There is ample space in the yard for barbecues, volleyball games, family gatherings and other outdoor activities. This house serves has the residence for our clients who do not bring children to visit and, if space is available, can even allow their children to spend the night at the home.
During the first three months of residency, basic routines are established and daily planning, cooking and house management skills are learned. Experiencing life as a large family unit teaches tolerance and patience as well as an opportunity to practice communication and compromise. Our clients report that a well-developed sense of humor is useful in a house full of women.
Ladies who wish to remain in our program may be eligible to move into our permanent supportive housing where they are encouraged to practice their recovery skills and obtain a part-time job. Clients transitioning to other housing are able to have children on weekends or even have them move in with them. We recognize that recovery takes a lifetime and, for that reason, we are grateful to have options after entry level residential treatment.
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