The Treatment Program

It takes from three months to a year just to stabilize a client. When they arrive, they need physical, mental & emotional attention. They have a variety of medical needs that were not being addressed during active addiction. They have legal problems, children problems, and unaddressed issues that must be faced. This stabilization takes time! Early stages of recovery are five to seven years.

ROS Six Phase Program:

(Each phase takes +- 3 months to complete)
  • Phase 1 = twelve week residential recovery program
  • Phase 2 = Continued program plus service skill assignments
  • Phase 3 = Continued program and seek outside employment
  • Phase 4 = 40 hours + securing a safe off site residence + after care program contrace
  • Phase 5-6 are for those who need to remain on site longer than one year. Six phases of treatment would total 18 months and many clients remain in our permanent housing after this commitment. We provide a safe environment for an indefinite amount of time.
Through life skills and job enhancement classes, our long term goal is to facilitate a client's development into self-sufficiency.
Through class participation and weekly assignments, we are able to measure behavioral, educational, and life-skill growth, thus allowing us to personalize treatment plans to enhance assurance of long term recovery objectives.


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